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A new amazing result: 2130 hair follicles using FUE method

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The patient had thinning hair in the frontal area . 1136 hair follicles were placed in the frontal area  among native hairs by using the follysis software system that allows us to precisely calculate the amount of hair is needed to achive the best cosmetic result .  No shock loss was appeared in the end the density increased up  to 50% of the denstity to the donor area .

1000 extra hairs were place in order to lower the hairline .

You can see the result here

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Who is Dr Zontos:

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Dr Georgios Zontos   has been working as the medical director of Haarklinikken  in Denmark  for  over 5 years. He graduated with a degree in Physics, in Medicine and in Medical Physics namely, B.Sc  M.D.  and  M.Sc.

Dr Zontos is an internationally prominent surgeon in the field of hair restoration surgery, and a published author of medical  publications. He is a researcher for  the University of  Patras  School of Medicine, where he has been supervising   a hair transplantation project since 2010.

Dr  Zontos  practices exclusively in the area of Follicular Unit Extraction ("FUE"), which is a minimally invasive  hair transplant technique. He is an expert in this field and is a regular  speaker at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.  The aim of the Society is  the development and sharing of knowledge and skill relating to hair restoration surgery.

Dr Zontos is also registered with the Sundhedsstryrelsen, or the National Board of Health, the supreme professional health care authority in Denmark. The Sundhedsstryrelse, which considers Dr Zontos to be in "good standing", has  granted him the right to practice medicine  and the permission to practice independently as a physician under licence number 06D8L. Since 19 May 2008, Dr Zontos has been registered to practice hair transplantation, including pre-assessing the patient before hair transplantation in Denmark under registration number 7-703-23-115/1/ANM.  In addition he  is  qualified for independent practice  in  Greece and the UK.

Actively participating at the forefront of research, Dr. Zontos has pioneered and patented an advanced method of follicular unit extraction (FUE), called the Long Hair FUE. This method dramatically improves on traditional FUE by avoiding any shaving to the donor area. Dr. Zontos  also developed a technique of minimizing  the skin injury to the donor area while improving the quality of the extracted follicular units. This  method increases the survival  rate and results  in a high density, natural, undetectable fashion. This method was recently presented  at the 20th ISHRS conference in  the Bahamas. He is also involved in research investigating the use  of robotics in  hair transplantation . 

He has performed the FUE procedure on approximately 3000 patients in Denmark, Greece, Germany, France, Cyprus, UK, Israel  with great success. As medical director of  Haarklinikken, he has established a practice dedicated exclusively to providing the very best in medical and surgical treatments for hair loss.

His unwavering focus on state-of-the-art medical and surgical techniques and dedication to patient advocacy has firmly established him as a leader in the field of hair restoration.


Dr Georgios Zontos the only European speaker at the 21st ISHRS scientific meeting in San Francisco presented a new technique that sagnificantly advances the benefits of FUE Harvesting

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